Stadium: Tottenham Hotspur (London).
Judge: Kevin Friend.


Tottenham: Aurier (injury). Doubtful: Lo Celso (injury).
Burnley: Gudmundsson (injury). Doubtful: Wood, Barnes, Brady, Peters, Stevens (all injury).

Team form

The Europa League matches with Wolfsberg (4: 1 and 4: 0) in the Europa League have become an outlet for Tottenham after several setbacks in the championship. Before that, Spurs had won only one out of six Premier League matches. As one well-known journalist says, the sword of Damocles hovered over the head of Jose Mourinho.. Of course, 9th is no good for a recent Champions League finalist. But after the moral uplift after the success in European competitions, things should go well.

Moreover, the closest rival, Burnley, is not the most formidable, even if it does not lose during four Premier League matches. An important touch all rivals in them were below 12th place. Burgundy has a lot of injured people, and personal meetings with Londoners speak in favor of the opponent.

Outcome betting

So it makes perfect sense that Londoners favorites of the upcoming game. You can bet on Tottenham’s victory with the odds 1.58. Draw goes for 4.eighteen, and Burnley’s success is due to  6.80. Basically take the win for Mourinho’s guys the simplest let it succeed. But for us 1.58 little, so let’s dig further.

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Handicap betting

Handicap (-1) on the hosts (only!) Costs 1.98, which is extremely curious. Tottenham have had a handicap in 8 of their last 12 home games (-1.5). True, as for personal meetings with Burnley, here only in 2 cases out of 5 last. On the other hand, if we talk about the entire history of the confrontation in London, then Burgundy only once in 8 matches were able to take away a draw. So with a handicap (-1) we risk almost nothing.

Total bets

Here, not everything is clear. On the one hand, Spurs’ previous five matches were horsebacks, they were hammered in the Europa League, so I want to get the upper hand for 1.92. On the other hand, Burnley a grassroots team whose 6 out of 7 previous matches were grassroots. Plus, in personal meetings, total plays more only occasionally. But arguments for the bottom are for 1.98 also not enough.

But that’s about the classics 2.5 goals throughout the match. But you can delve into the statistics, which leads me to this idea. Tottenham are not very successful in the first half. However, like his rivals. Even in matches against Man City, Liverpool and Chelsea in the first 45 minutes, the teams scored no more than a goal in total. If we take the Premier League, then in the last time in the 1st half of the match with the participation of Spurs, more than a goal was scored in mid-January against Sheffield (2).

Face-to-face meetings also do not contradict this trend he played 7 of the last 8. TM (1.5) in the 1st half costs little, but you can try combining options.

Our rate

For me personally, two bets seem promising for this game. Tottenham win with handicap (-1). Londoners are in good spirits and motivated to fix things in the table. AND 1X + TM (1.5) in the 1st half. A bright trend for grassroots football in the first 45 minutes, plus the option according to which the favorite will not lose. Considering also the personnel losses of Burnley.

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