Among enterprise resource planning systems, SAP has proven to be highly versatile software, capable of integrating management operations across a diverse spectrum of industries. Applications continue to be developed for this pioneering system that promises lucrative sales for software developers. Little wonder then, that SAP holds the largest market share in the ERP industry, despite a string of acquisitions and software launches by rival Oracle.

The Gurus Of ERP Application Marketing

When it comes to SAP application marketing, the professionals at AccuDB have no equal. Years of consolidated sales by application and enterprise software vendors have established our reputation as the provider of choice when it comes to SAP leads. It is our absolute guarantee that no other list vendor will be able to furnish you with more detailed and exhaustive SAP marketing leads and resources.

Our lists of SAP users include,

SAP Users – North America:

  • SAP Leads – USA
  • SAP Leads – Canada

SAP Users – Europe:

  • SAP Leads – UK
  • SAP Leads – Germany
  • SAP Leads – France
  • SAP Leads – Greece
  • SAP Leads – Italy
  • SAP Leads – Finland
  • SAP Leads – Ireland
  • SAP Leads – Netherlands
  • SAP Leads – Norway
  • SAP Leads – Poland
  • SAP Leads – Portugal
  • SAP Leads – Spain
  • SAP Leads – Sweden
  • SAP Leads – Switzerland
  • SAP Leads – Austria
  • SAP Leads – Belgium
  • SAP Leads – Czech Republic
  • SAP Leads – Denmark

SAP Users – Asia:

  • SAP Leads – India
  • SAP Leads – Singapore

The Largest SAP User Databases!

Our SAP user databases span the globe and contain the most comprehensive marketing lists available, while our data specialists nurture and update crucial marketing information on hundreds of thousands of major executives in key SAP-using organizations. If you choose to work with AccuDB, you gain access to a host of lucrative markets across North America, Europe and Asia. We can also provide you with custom built lists that are exclusively drawn from Fortune 500 and 1000 listings.

All SAP sales lead packages provide complete marketing information such as –

  • First Name, Last Name
  • Title
  • Phone Number, Fax Number
  • Email, Postal Address and Zip Code.

Professional and industry mailing lists may include SIC codes.

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