Football Summer: WOT Predict Match Results And Get Rewards!

Football betting from Wargaming. On June 11, a grandiose football tournament starts, in which the best teams of Europe will compete. World of Tanks stays on the same wavelength with football fans around the world, so on June 10 we are launching a special game event called “Football Summer”! This year during the event, you can compete with your friends in separate rating rooms for the title of the master of accurate predictions. Join in, predict match winners and earn rewards for your soccer oracle talent! DATES: Football Summer 2021: June 10, 18:00 (MSK) – July 11, 22:00 (MSK). Collect friends in separate rating rooms! Football Summer Event Packs: More Rewards! All activities of the “Football Summer” will be held on a special website. Visit it regularly to find out the results of your predictions, compare them with the indicators of friends in the ratings and be aware of further events. The game client and the portal will be useful only for completing combat missions for obtaining tickets that give the right to make a prediction – more on this below. Visit the in-game event website for a prediction of the outcome of any match during the greatest football event of 2021.

The more accurate your predictions, the better the rewards you can get: Football-themed 2D Styles, Tank Premium Days, Personal Reserves and more. To receive each next reward, the required number of correct predictions will increase. The result can only be predicted before the start of the match. To predict any match, you need to spend a football ticket. By logging into the system after the start of the game event, you will immediately receive 10 tickets. This is enough for 10 predictions. You can also change your predictions any number of times before the start of the match. The cost of each forecast change is 1 ticket. Complete special daily combat missions to get more tickets. 2 football tickets on days with 4 matches. Here is the match schedule, which you can also find on the Football Summer in-game event website. It consists of three rounds, during which the group stage and playoffs will take place. A total of 51 matches are scheduled for the tournament. Study the schedule carefully and do not forget to make predictions on the outcome of matches with the participation of the teams for which you support! The game event consists of 10 levels.

The higher the level, the better the reward for passing it. It will be possible to pick up the awards on the website of the football summer event. The corresponding button will be located under the reward for each level. The main rewards, which will require 26 and 29 correct predictions, respectively, will be two long-awaited football styles. The results of the matches will be entered within an hour after the final whistle, but unforeseen delays are possible. 2D-style “Cross” (reuse style “Forward-2018”) – link. 2D-style “Hat-trick” (reuse of style “Goalkeeper-2018”) – link. After reaching level 10 and receiving all of the above awards for each subsequent successful forecast, you will receive one task for x5 experience for winning a battle for any vehicle in your Garage. Need more soccer tickets? You can get as many of them as you like on the Football Summer event site. The cost of one ticket is 35,000 silver. Unused tickets remaining after the end of the game event will be debited without any compensation. Collect friends in separate rating rooms! You can also make predictions with friends in separate rating rooms. There you will have the opportunity to compete with each other and determine who will be able to give the most correct predictions and take first place in the room rating.

The players with the best score in the room will receive a special “Football Expert” medal. The medal will be awarded to the winners of the rooms within a week after the end of the game event. To create a room, use the button “Create a room” on the site of the game event “Football Summer”. You can share the link to invite friends to your room. To get into the room, you need to get an invitation link, apply and wait for the room creator to accept you. Look for links among friends, clanmates or your favorite bloggers. You can be a creator or a member of no more than three rooms at a time. Each must have from 3 to 100 participants. To create or enter each new room, you will need 35,000 silver. The cost of entering the room will be debited only after the person who created it accepts you, and you confirm that you want to join. Once in the room, you will receive 1 free football ticket at the start of each group tour, as well as the playoffs. In total, by participating in all three rooms from the beginning of the game event, you can get 18 tickets.

Register on the official website 1win and get a promo code for a deposit. The room creator has 48 hours to accept or reject the invited player. The player cannot be expelled from the room after they have been accepted. You can create rooms or submit requests to join them only during the first six days of the game event: until June 16 02:59 (GMT). You cannot leave the room after the player has joined it – which is why we entered a re-confirmation. For a room to become operational, it must have at least three fully confirmed participants before June 16 02:59 (UTC). If your room does not meet this requirement, it will be automatically closed and the cost of creating and joining it will be refunded. Before the formation of the team – until there are three or more confirmed participants in it – the room can be removed by clicking on a special button. When you delete a room, the cost of creating and joining it will be refunded, and any pending requests will not be counted. Football Summer Event Packs: More Rewards! Want to get even more rewards? Take a look at the five special Football Summer Event Packs containing Gold, Credits, x5 XP Challenges, and the two impressive Football Styles we talked about above. Two of the five sets will contain two more highly anticipated soccer-themed styles (one in each set) to make your car stand out from the rest. 2D-style “Feint” (reuse of the style “Fan-2018”) – link. All kits in the premium store: link. Want to get all four event styles? Choose the fifth set, which contains a complete collection of styles, as well as an impressive amount of game value. Like the news? Then like her, and do not forget to leave your comment. D) don’t lose us.

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