Whether you wish to promote your business through email newsletters, a special individual offer or an invitation, an email marketing helps in connecting with your audience and get your business humming!

However, positive results through email marketing, is simply incomparable. It’s the most effective and personalized way to reach your target market. Let’s take a quick look at some the tips you must consider while marketing through emails.

Tip No. 1
Make Sure Your Emails Contain Obvious Links The idea behind an email is to, obviously drive more and more traffic to your landing pages or the website. It’s just as simple as that. Without driving clicks to your official links, it’s not possible for your user to sign-in or become your customer. To successfully drive traffic, you must highlight all the keywords in your email that will compel your users or visitors to click. By using a strong, call to action links like “CLICK HERE” will also help you greatly.
Tip No.2
Reduce The Use Of Image In Your Email Images talk better than words. But, that’s not true in an email marketing. Content/text is equally important. Making your email image heavy will not help you in any way. It will make it haphazard and simply take away your visitor very easily. So make sure that your emails are placed wisely and communicate rightly with the customers.

Tip No.3
Keep The Content Simple And Easy To Scan Always remember! Less is more. Writing paragraphs will not help you in any manner. You know, your users do not have time and patience to go through the complete content. All you must do is, keep the content to the point. Highlight it, make it attractive and clickable. Use stylized fonts to make it stand out. Try to place content in bullet points, so that they are easily located by the user.

Tip No.4
Send TEST mails before sending to the MAIN list Before you go ahead and send emails to the entire list, make sure that you send a test version to your test account through all the big email providers like Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail/Live/MSN. By sending a test mail, you will be able to discover errors, if they are prevailing. Remember! There is no point in finding out the error, after it’s been sent to the main list. So make sure, everything is perfect without any mistake or errors before sending to the main list.

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